Dressing in Style and Harmony For Any Type of Wedding

Dressing correctly will always depend on the type of wedding you are invited to. First off one will need to clearly know the meaning of what to wear in order to avoid misunderstandings. One needs to think of words pertaining to dress  such as casual  informal  semi informal  and formal. Nowhere is there more confusion in different parts of the country and in all segments of society when it comes to dressing correctly for a wedding!  Also nowhere is there a greater pitfall when trying to communicate by cell phone with family members who live in various sections of the country about what to wear to a wedding.

For example, through a bit extreme, to illustrate a point. A couple traveling to another city was invited to a wedding. They called to ask what to wear and was told the wedding was informal. Just as the couple arrived a man coming in behind them to the same wedding was wearing a blue suit  white shirt  and plain tie only to find such to his surprise that everyone else was dressed in tuxedos. The dinner jacket was considered informal for  this group as opposed to the suit and tie which is considered formal.

 The word casual can mean anything from tennis shoes and a parka month for the young to Gucci loafers and a camel hair sports coat without a tie among the older group. For our purpose then when referring to wedding attire in this case the word casual is omitted entirely. Informal for men mans a suit and tie for women it means a dress. Semi formal is another grey area that can mean a dark suit except in the summer in warm climates or a tuxedo for men and a dressy cocktail dress for the women. Formal can be a black or white tie for the men and a long or short cocktail gown for the women. The only way to know for sure is to pin people down and find out exactly what they are wearing at that time of the year in their section of the country and at what specified hour of the day.

For the ladies an awesome designer to consider for some beautiful cocktail dresses is Bill Levkoff. Bill Levkof is a three times Debi awards winner for three years. Another great collection of great dresses for any wedding is the Mori Lee collection their dresses are stunning. For the men I would suggest the Sarno and son tuxedo collection where exclusive savvy styles can be found at many fine retailers.

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