Popular Styles Of Men’s Summer Shorts

When traveling to a tropical destination, the last thing you want to do is lug around your entire wardrobe. While its best to be prepared for any occasion, you can do so with only three essential pairs of shorts. With this in mind, below you will find a list of three shorts that every man should bring along for their tropical getaway, whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure, or a bit of both.

Swim Trunks – Whether you plan on doing vast amounts of swimming or simply lounging by the pool, a complimentary pair of swim trunks is an essential part of your tropical wardrobe. Beach attire usually doesn’t consist of khaki or denim shorts, so select a swim style and length that fits your taste. A word of caution for those who plan on swimming often: avoid wearing board shorts (length below the knee) as those are made from heavy material which makes maneuvering in the water difficult. With all that added weight, they also tend to fall off upon exiting the water, which usually isn’t ideal in a public place. Instead, select a pair made from light material and hit at or above the knee for maximum movement and quick drying.

Khaki Shorts – The plain-front khaki shorts are a definite essential to any vacation getaway as their formal appearance make them versatile for the more sophisticated settings such as dinner out or a golf excursion. Not only do they look great when paired with a polo shirt and sandals, but they dress you up in a casual way, allowing you to still enjoy your vacation in a more presentable manner. If you want to guarantee that you’ll be ready for any social setting during your tropical getaway, add a sharp pair of dress khaki shorts to your suitcase.

Casual Cargo Shorts – If you plan on hiking during your trip or any other kind of day-long excursions which involve walking, then a pair of comfortable cargo shorts are a definite must for your suitcase. While swim trunks can be comfortable, they offer no pockets for the valuables you want to keep on your person (such as your money, passport, cell phone, and so on), making them insufficient for walking about. Also, dress khaki shorts aren’t exactly designed for rugged travel and can be very uncomfortable due to lack of maneuverability. The casual cargo shorts are perfect as they’re loose, breathable, and offer plenty of storage room just make sure you select a pair with zipper pockets for added security as buttons have the tendency to come undone.

Whether you’re planning a weekend road trip or going on a tropical honeymoon, make sure you bring along these three styles of shorts. Not only will you have every possible occasion covered (beachside, formal and casual), but you’ll look stylish while doing so.

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