Dress perfect, according to your body type

Often you notice women that appear astonishing in each thing that they array, each thing suits excellent on them, but have you ever thought that they just know what to wear?!  To have an excellent body is an advantage but it’s not very important for looking absolutely gorgeous.  The secret is to find the clothing that belongs to your body shape and you’ll become a beholder of your biggest change.  The first principle of dressing is that the clothing that you are wearing should give an accent to all the excellent parts of your body and to hide all the weaknesses.  At this moment it’s time these makeover games to start.

As a rule the women’s body shapes could be divided on two shapes: pear-shaped body and apple-shaped body.  The pear-shape is particular with hips wider than shoulders and round thighs.  The apple-shaped physique is frequently softer around the waist, with heavier breasts, tight hips and skinny legs.  If your physique belongs to the first shape, the aim is to give an accent to a well-proportioned waist, weak upper body and appealing shoulders and arms.  If your body has the apple – shape, draw out your womanly; exhibit your legs and admirable cleavage.

Basic principle for pear shaped physique is to hold back from anything too tight.  Choose A- line skirts that hit around the knee area.  They are perfect because draw attention away from difficulty areas, unlike of the miniskirts which mainly give an emphasis to the heavy thighs.  The pants should not have brazen features like huge pockets or too much zippers around the hip area and they shouldn’t be decorated or light-colored.  A straight or hardly bootcut leg of the pants is the most laudatory.  Shorts are also complicated so select lightweight, loose-fitting shorts, certainly not a bike shorts.  When it comes to the tops, hold back from too-baggy or too-tight tops.  Look for fitted but not skin-tight T-shirts.  Keep in mind – V-necks, turtlenecks and open collars call attention to the face, which is in any case a good thing.  The dresses should nip in at the waist and hardly flare out over hips and thighs.  Sleeveless and strapless dresses are good selection because they uncover your attractive shoulders and arms.

The ones with apple shape could accord the top-heavy figure with an A-line skirt.  That gives the look of the waist.  The pantaloons should have flat-front, not at any time pleated.  Select some with a lower rise than the natural waist.  Have fun with the pockets – front pockets help covering a tummy difficulty, back pockets could help outline a flatter back common to top-heavy women.  Pencil skirts or skin-tight blue jeans should be avoided by cause of they will only accentuate top heaviness.  Show your beautiful legs with shorter skirts.  The tops should not be too tight or too baggy – V-neck, boatneck, turtle and mock necks and shirt collars are most laudatory necklines.  One-piece dressing could be complicated for you.  Best bets: A sleeveless black sheath, a silky princess dress, a strapless dress with corseted top.  Don’t hide your self from head-to-toe, showing a little skin, whether it’s naked arms or shoulders, is much more laudatory.

Graduated philologist in comparative literature, born in Skopje, Macedonia. I find writing as one of the most appropriate ways to express myself and I like when it appears useful for the others as well.  

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