Six Fashion Rules Men Should Try To Follow

All men have at some point wondered on matching the right clothes with each other and other such questions. The following are six rules that should help in such decision making.

1. The belt should always match the shoes

Things will be kept simple if you follow this simple rule.Traditional colors like black, rich tan and dark brown are easy to work with. Matching other colors is more difficult so you should avoid them. In case you wear sneakers and jeans you can try a belt of fabric. Dress belts with jeans is a bad idea. Suspenders are outdated, but if you have to wear them, lose the the belt.

2. Matching the tie and the shirt

A tie of the same color as the shirt was a thing for a while. But now that style is old. You should mix things up a bit by trying to match different colors. In order to best express yourself, you should keep the tie tasteful. Diagonal stripes and modern polka-dots are a great way to go. You can also try plaids or subtle patterns. But ensure that the tie compliments the shirt or whatever you’ve worn it with. Novelty ties should be avoided because the novelty doesn’t last long.

3. Pleats vs. Flat-Front.

Despite the fact that most men avoid flat-front pants, they usually look much better than pleated pants. Pleats add a little build to your structure so you look less slim. Some guys go for pleats because they find it comfortable or because they believe that only athletic bodies should go for flat-fronts. Still, most men can pull it off. If you buy a size or two above yours then you should get more room. You can visit a store or a tailor shop to get this done. Flat-front pants are more stylish and fashionable so they are a good idea.

4. Socks.

Socks are always expected to match the color of the trousers. This doesn’t have to be a similar shade. But if you are wearing black then it is advisable. Save the white socks for your gym time. You can also try patterned socks, for example various colors of stripes.

5. Watches

Watches are one of the most crucial accessories a man can have. You should try one that goes with your taste and lifestyle. On the other hand, if you like having more than one, always match it with your outfit. A black band will go with black shoes and black belt. A brown one will go with brown shoes and brown belt. A silver band will go with either.

6. Eyeglasses.

This is one of the best ways to express oneself. You can have many pairs in various styles. On top of helping block too much sun they can bring out your look. The kind you go for should compliment the shape of your face and express your personality. You can find out from those who wear glasses where to get the best style and shape for you.

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