Tips to care for men?s healthy hair

Hair loss is obvious in condition wherein a person loses over 150 strands every day. There are various causes for hair loss. The most common reason of hair loss is consistent washing with harmful chemical based shampoo or detersive, combing or brushing harshly and drying with hard strokes using towel. It is studied that approx 40% of hair density is already lost before the degradation in the quality or hair becomes detectable. Here are two of the numerous factors that cause hair fall:.

Heredity or Genetic endowment- Heredity issue or genetic endowment is considered as a common cause responsible for male pattern baldness.

Diseases and/ or their treatments – Chronic or/ and acute diseases such as high fever, thyroid disorder, childbirth, dearth of protein in regular diet, deficiency of iron, cancer and cancer treatments, certain medicinal drugs used as curative for other diseases etc are some factors that may also cause hair fall.

Alopecia is a scientific term which is used to refer to hair fall or baldness. Below are types of alopecia mentioned:

Alopecia Areata conditions:
Is a conation wherein obvious bald patches can be seen on the scalp. It is believed that such ailment is usually clear after 6 to 12 months even without treatment.

Alopecia Totalis conditions:
This is kind of hair loss is believed to be uncommon and includes a condition where in the scalp is entirely empty of hairs. This condition is usually permanent

Alopecia Universalis conditions:
In case of alopecia universalis not only scalp but also other parts of the body are affected, including eye brows etc.

Androgenetic Alopecia conditions:
Androgenetic Alopecia is mainly caused duet to genetic issue found in individual. This disease can affect men as well as women both. This condition may also start affecting from teenage to 20s or 30s.

Hair is made up of a form of protein. The same material is found in fingernails and toenails. Everyone from childhood to old age should eat an adequate amount of protein to maintain normal hair production. Protein is found in meat, chicken, fish, eggs, some cheese, dried beans, tofu, grains, and nuts. Abnormal and excessive hair loss can be due to many different causes. About 50 percent of the population experience normal hair loss by the time they reach 50. As soon as losing hair is noticed, one should consult a dermatologist.

There are many causes for hair loss such as:

•Thyroid disorder
•Lack of Iron
•Fever and other acute illnesses
•Dearth of protein
Effects of Medications
•Drugs for treatment of Cancer

Treatment of Hair loss

In case of alopecia due to stress, iron deficiency or other temporary situation the condition may cease when the cause it cured. In case hair fall is due to infection, one should consult doctor and take required antibiotics. In case of kids early treatment is beneficial. Choosing a good hairstyle can hide hair loss effectively. Wigs can be a good option for women whose hair loss is severe. Finally, hair transplantation has come a long way over the last decade. If well done by professional, the result is very satisfactory and as close to natural hair.




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