Redefining the formal wear

Wearing impressive clothes to office has not remained as a matter of choice but it has become a mandatory thing. It makes a lot of difference when you look good. When one knows, that he/ she is looking good or presentable, it effects or can we say, it boosts the positive energy within good- looking people. They naturally feel good and confident. This confidence helps in performing best at the work places. Such presentable looking people have higher chances of achieving higher feet in their career. It is proven in a study conducted by a fashion institute, that people tend to get dominated by the way they look. If they are rightly dressed and rightly accessorized, then they surely look good and feel more enthusiastic as well as confident. All this is reflected in their performance. On the other hand, those who are not well dressed, actually feel under confident. Couples of decades back people were not that interested in fashion. Apart from some fashion conscious people others believed more in the inner virtues of a person. Though these values and virtues still have more weight in judging a person, but first impression is counted these days. Looks complete a personality. Some fashion people have developed people learning abilities by observing their clothes.


It is true, that clothing reflects the personality of a person. For example, a laid- back natured person will prefer to dress up casually at the drop of hat. He/ she will feel suffocated in the formal wear. Whereas some people opt for more classy and elegant style by combining black and white colors, meaning they are less inclined to take risks and prefer to stick to tried and tested ways of life. Some go with bold designs and bright colors, they have a vibrant type of personality, and they spread joy around them. These are some of the conclusions given by some designers. Coming back to formal wear, most of the people like to stick to their personality trends and match their style with that. There are various types of Jakkeravailable in stores these days, which suit to people’s persona and their choice. Only if the style corresponds to the personality, it brings out the best in person. So, it becomes very important to keep in mind one’s own personality while selecting clothes, Skoor even watches! It is always better to be safe than to face a faux pas!

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