2009 Best Tips on Men’s Clothing

As we all know, fashion trends change every year. Some may find it inappropriate but, it is somehow important for us to know the latest trends in order for us to look good and updated with the changing times. But what are the latest clothing trends for men? How can men style themselves in a way that would suit their masculine image for this year?

This year, suits are starting to gain popularity and dominance in the city streets. Suits that are mostly made of sharp silk and pants with Malaysian, Indian, and Balinese styles are in. Also start considering some unstructured jackets, cropped style pants, and loose drawstrings to give you that sleek look. If you are fond of wearing jeans for casual occasions, then brown is the best color for the old-time blue jeans this year.

Though there are lots of choices for suits to consider this year, you can narrow down your search into several types. Skinny boy fits are now more kind of like a thing of the past. The classical look such as the English style is now the more appropriate style for suits. In such style, you will have a suit that has broad shoulders, slim waist, and slim trousers. If you are still interested for suits that will help you showcase your masculine look, then this style might just be the perfect suit for you. This is considered to be the perfect fusion of classic looks, classic tailoring and modern masculinity. Moreover, double breasted suits are also popular to wear these days. What’s good in this suit is that it can still survive until 2010. The slim look of this suit type would be a much better choice to make this year. Other than that, three piece suits are starting to make a huge come back this year. Subtle but classic. That is what this suit is all about.

If you want to look simple but still stand out, v-neck t-shirts are going extreme. Either in a cardigan or just an everyday shirt, v-necks are now slowly dominating the trend for this year. Other than v-necks, dark colored shirts and pants are going to make you look good this year along with different colored blazers and jackets. And as for prints, large ones are definitely going to make you out of style. Smaller prints are much better to wear and would make you look slimmer. To make it a lot better, leather jackets are the best to pair with these printed shirts.

As for the shoes, going for anything under the sun is a definite no-no. Deck shoes are more appropriate to wear this year. Even just for leisure moments, deck shoes can’t go wrong in making you look smart and comfortable at the same time. This type of shoes also has a lot of colors and styles to choose from so it wouldn’t be too hard for you to land with a particular style to best match your shirts and pants.

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