Six Important Rules In Men’s Fashion

In today’s world, fashion is one of the subject matter which catches attention of both, male and female. As not all men are conscious of the dressing style, they often commit some errors. As a result, they turn into a poorly dressed individual and create a negative image. Thus to prevent men from facing any embarrassing situation, certain basic rules need to be followed so that they can uphold a healthy image.

Firstly, the shade of the belt should counterpart with the individual’s shoes. This is an easy way to get out of the hassle of dressing. Mostly it’s desired to stay with the traditional colors such as black, dark brown etc. When wearing denims, it is important to ensure that belts made of fabric or any other material, that supports casual wear, is used.

Next in line is matching of ties with shirts. Previously, if one was wearing a hard color shirt, it was accompanied with a tie of the same but lighter shade. This, however, has become out-dated. These days it’s important to ensure that the tie color compliments the other components such as coat color, shirt color etc. The tie can also be tied using various knots but should not have clips.
Men have always disliked flat front trousers, although the flat front trousers give a smarter look than the pleat trousers. On the other hand, flat front trousers give a trendier appearance than the pleat trousers. Moving forward, socks are also an essential component of appearance.

It’s preferred to wear socks whose color is matching with the color of the pants. If not the same, then it’s preferable to wear a color that doesn’t stand out and becomes too attractive. Mostly black is favored as it goes with almost all colors. However, white colored socks are to be kept for places such as gym.
An important factor that is a must to mention when talking about men’s fashion is watches.

It’s the one and the only accessory a man can ever own. Thus, it’s important to invest in a watch that suits one’s standard of living and taste, even if it’s an expensive one. However, if you are a watch collector and have a collection of watches, it’s vital to wear a watch that goes with the outfit you are wearing.

For instance, it’s ideal to wear a watch with a black or a silver band with black shoes and belt. Lastly, it’s also essential to wear proper eyeglasses. The best option is to have two or three different pairs of glasses having multiple styles. Eyeglasses are a way of improving one’s overall appearance and are also a medium of expressing one’s personality.

Fashion doesn’t mean wearing hi-fi clothing but it means wearing the right thing at the right time. One can be fashionable in a simple way; all you need to do is to follow the above mentioned rules. You should wear clothes that make you comfortable and confident at all times.

Hendrik is the founder of several online mens fashion shops. He likes to write about fashion and has over a hundred articles published to date. He is also the founder of a site for fine neckties and bow ties.

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